Negzzia, 29, has been on the run from the Revolutionary Guards since 2017 after they condemned photos of her posing in lingerie as “indecent” and “immodest”.

The model feared being lashed for breaking Iran’s strict Islamic law after a photographer she posed handed partially nude photos of her into the police.

Rather than face prison in Iran, she was forced to Turkey.

From here she traveled to Paris where she claimed asylum in November.

But Negzzia found herself struggling to live and what little money she soon ran out.

After failing to find work she became homeless, sleeping rough on the streets and park benches.

She told Le Parisien: “One day, I sold my bag with my dresses for 10 euros, to be able to eat.”

But despite her ordeal, Negzzia does not regret anything.

She said: “I am proudly a woman who stepped out of my comfort zone and broke all the rules that don’t have any respect for women.”


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