10 Kidney-Damaging Habits That You’re Probably Doing

Every organ in your body performs a specific, important function, and that includes your kidneys. People are born with two kidneys, although the vast majority of people can stay healthy with just one.  However, if your kidneys start to deteriorate and lose function, it can have disastrous effects. Your kidneys filter toxins out of the body, a job that is clearly very important. If you are guilty of any of these 10 habits, change them—for the sake of your kidneys.

Acute kidney failure

Habit 1: Staying Dehydrated

Your kidneys need water to properly filter out toxins. When you deprive your body of water, you make it impossible for your kidneys to do their job.

Habit 2: Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugar consumption rates are at an all-time high. Sugar puts an enormous toll on your kidneys and everything they have to process. Over the years, this can weaken your kidneys and affect their functioning.

Habit 3: Going Too Heavy With the Salt Shaker

Putting too much salt on your food can dehydrate you and increase blood pressure, increasing the burden you are putting on your kidneys.

Habit 4: Holding Your Urine

Though you may think you are saving time by skipping bathroom trips, what you are really doing is stressing out your kidneys. Regularly allowing your body to get rid of toxic materials via urine is an essential part of kidney health.

Habit 5: Skipping Out on Magnesium

A magnesium deficiency may take a toll on your kidneys over time. This is one of the most common deficiencies in the United States, so consider supplementing if necessary.

Habit 6: Pounding the Coffee

A coffee habit makes your kidneys work extra hard. They can take the extra work for a while, but after consistent abuse, they do start to break down.

Habit 7: Using Painkillers

Painkillers are extremely difficult on your kidneys because of all the chemicals they have. Though they should be safe for occasional use, try to find healthier coping techniques if you find yourself reaching for the painkillers too often.

Habit 8: Drinking Alcohol

Very few people are able to stop at one drink, which is why alcohol is so bad for your kidneys. Not only does this habit put extra stress on your liver, but it may also make it difficult for your kidneys to function at full efficiency. Switch to water instead.

Habit 9: Too Much Meat

Animal protein, though an important part of many people’s diets, is also very difficult for the body to digest. Your kidneys have a difficult time breaking down and filtering all the toxins that come from this protein source. Try going vegetarian a couple of days per week.

Habit 10: Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important parts of your health but is also one of the aspects that are most often neglected. Aim to get at least seven hours of shut-eye per night, although eight hours of sleep is optimal. When treated properly, your kidneys can keep your body going for decades to come. Treat them right by kicking these dangerous habits.